Words are not where I wonder from.

I wonder with my body.

How about you?

Seeker, meet your Body Intelligence.

Kids and puppies have it.
You do too.

Body Intelligence means:

  • that “click” you feel as you’re dancing, stretching, rocking, running or chasing your kid or dog and something falls into place
  • dropping a seed into your mind with a wonder question … and later noticing sensations, impressions, dreams, imaginings that lead to your next step
  • getting curious about those “pesky” feelings that “interrupt” your work day or focus – a queasy stomach, a shoulder ache, a twitchy eye

When I turn toward my body signals – give them loving attention, or magnify them through moving, sounding play – up comes a banquet of information.

All the signals school taught you to sideline? Bring them back by giving your own attention to your own body as your sensitive and generous ally.

My Ally

My body has always been
my sensitive and generous ally.

But three years ago, I was:

✓ Skilled in teaching
✓ Skilled in teaching
✓ Blissful in dance
✓ Blissful in dance
✓ Connected in community

✓ Connected in community AND
Miserable in love
Miserable in love

Not to mention able and willing to pick fantastic fights with my family of origin at the drop of a memory.

How could I be both growing in obvious and enjoyable ways – AND still caught up in my drama cycles and experiencing life (and growth) as so much work and so hard?

A BIG Leap

I’ve been learning for decades from yoga and dance.
Then three years ago, I took a big leap into something more:
100% response-ability for the results I create.
AND willingness for that to be fun and easy.
To play my way through instead of working hard.

Since then …

Here’s what’s changed:

✓    I still dance (more than ever).
✓    I still dance (more than ever).
✓    I still teach (but with a lighter touch).
✓    I still teach (but with a lighter touch).
✓    I still love (except now it’s fun and easy).
✓    I still love (except now it’s fun and easy).
✓    I still grow (and there’s no end in sight).
✓    I still grow (and there’s no end in sight).

I took my big leap with Gay and Katie Hendricks, authors of Conscious Loving, Conscious Living, The Big Leap and more, and directors of The Foundation for Conscious Living.

Wanna come take a big leap with me?

Emotions as a Hobby?

That was me.

I was born a big feeler in a long line of big feelers, and I graduated from tantrums to diaries to heart-felt bonding with girlfriends to therapy to therapy as a hobby. Processing as a way of life.

And oceans of pent-up creativity calling for my attention.

Creativity or Adrenaline?

Here’s what I understand now, that I didn’t understand three years ago:

We are always creating.
Every human being.
Every moment.

And if I’m not choosing to create what I want to create – I will be very busy creating what I’m unconsciously programmed to create. Recycling old creations, such as:

what I was taught growing up

society’s stereotypes

my grandmother’s old fears and my mother’s self-limiting stories

a fear I swallowed when I was 3 years old

True Creative Power

Door A

Do I choose to live my life as a victim

at the effect of events,

other people’s feelings and stories,

my own feelings and stories,

my physiology, habits and reactions?

Door B

Do I choose to live my life

as a person of true creative power?

Creativity or Adrenaline?

Does this sound familiar?

My old gap was between the fulfillment of creativity and the familiarity of adrenaline.

I’ve always loved creating: acting out stories as a kid, macramé and weaving as a preteen, school plays and poetry in high school, theatre class in university, improvisational dance in my 20s and 30s and now.

But I hadn’t been in the stream of creativity long enough or consistently enough to have a body experience of it – so I didn’t know how much more delicious creating is than adrenaline.

Oh, That Drama!

Adrenaline is sneaky: for me it slipped in through my cup of tea and my love of sugar, my wisps of gossip, my political urges, my dips in the family pool.

And adrenaline is addictive. One hit leads to craving more. Up goes the ante. Escalation, with boyfriends, friends, family – it all looked like earnest processing to me. I was trying SO hard.

Next Stop: Creativity

Step off the drama train (using real-world practical body-based tools) and possibility opens. So much free time!

Hmmmmm …
I wonder what I most want to create now?

What the ULP???

It’s new in human history that so many of us can give our attention to thriving instead of surviving. We’re charting new territory. And we’re bumping up against the Upper Limit Problem. ULP!

Have you ever:

  • dropped in deep while dancing – then walked out into life and hit a wall? (Or a tough conversation, a familiar addiction, a relationship snarl?)
  • wondered while you’re happy when the fun is going to stop?
  • or thought, “How long can I get away with easy before the hard stuff rolls back in?”

Welcome to the Upper Limit Problem – you human being, you!

We all have upper limits: installed early and unconsciously, handed down from generations or created in an instant of emotional or physical pain or fear.

Hmmmm …
Would you be willing to expand your upper limits and increase your capacity for happiness and love?


Fear happens. Far more often than most of us realize. Disguised as:

  • body sensations
  • other emotions
  • habitual reactions

When I recognize that I’m scared and then use body-based ways to shift out of fear and into flow on a body level, I free up my resources – I get able again to respond to life as it happens.

Watch a fun video about that here.

  • Response-ability happens when I take it, period.
  • Response-ability builds my practice as a person of true creative power.
  • Response-ability and the joy of creating depend on how quickly I re-commit to creating what I really want that deeply resonates my core.

Hmmmmm …
I wonder what I can learn from this?

Next Steps

All of this – and more – I’ve been learning from Gay and Katie Hendricks in the company of rich community in their Leadership and Transformation program. Feeling curious? Learn more here.

And now I’m in my next step: expressing in the wider world and inviting others to learn with me.

Wanna dance with possibility?

Come wonder!

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