You somatic genius, you!

Katie Hendricks

I felt invited to expand to my edge and beyond – with creativity, spontaneity and impulse following. So much FUN!


It is hugely liberating and life-affirming to be able to let go of the pressures to ‘look good’ and ‘do it right’ and simply experience the delight of spontaneous, unselfconscious movement.

Kathryn Green

Fabulous! Short, simple, non-talking, body-centered experiential fun – so much to play with.


You are a poet and a wonderful creator of creative space and so inviting to dancers to be expressive and exploratory and to take creative risks in a very safe environment.

Anna Bekolay

I had a blast!! I can now relate to what you said about coming alive!! I exercise regularly, play piano and sing, read, draw, and do lots of play therapy… I thought I got my fill of creativity and movement. This experience was unlike any other, however, in that I had fun moving my body, felt safe to do so, and allowed myself to play in a new way.

Paige Gryba

Playing with everyone brought me into the group and took the fear of being separate away. It was amazing and I feel changed having participated.


MWOW! I can feel your trust in the present and confidence in your body leading the way!


Oh Aileen, I am so grateful for the BFADC. It gave such a great foundation in free movement in a safe non-judgemental space. Because of you I keep the spirit of the dance alive.

Dianne Miller

When I reflect on the time I spent [in Saskatoon], some of my greatest joys and opportunities for growth came from you. The freedom to explore in your dance classes and the loving way you teach yoga were true gifts to me. I always called those nights “spirit nights”. When I’d go to your yoga or dance classes my spirit was able to soar and I am so grateful for that. … Thank you for adding that sparkle to my Saskatoon chapter.

Carrie Clark

You transformed the energy in the room!

Kristina Turner

How wonderful the day was! An additional joy this time was sharing the experience with two of my closest friends. I felt like I was giving them a very special gift by introducing them to BFADC.

Kathryn Green

The way your body moves was an invitation for me to move mine.


I am looking forward to dancing (isn’t there such rhythm in that very word?!) with you and the other free-spirited women!

Louise Anderson

Your enthusiasm for fun and movement and spontaneity! You were both with yourself and with the group, humble and leading and bright, transparent. Both teacher and student.


I totally loved the [weekend] experience with you and … drifted home in Peace and Joy.

Barb Bell

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